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Flim & TV

Alice Through The Wonder Glass

My work as principle make-up artist for Jason Davidson's "Alice Through the Wonderglass" - a contemporary adaptation of Lewis Carol's, Alice in Wonderland (2012).

Preparation for Alice Through The Wonder Glass

Short Film 2012

Mobius Dick

My hair and make-up for Jason Davidson's "Mobius Dick" for the Virgin Media short film competition (2011)


A joint make-up project with Lisa Brooks, part of "Alice Through the Wonderglass", Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb sequence. Directed and edited by Matt Watering of Chainsawfilms (2012).

Straight Out

A fly on the wall look at the making of "Straight Out" the award winning short film by director Andy Nichols (2010)

Straight Out

Working on this award winning short film, 2010